Sedona Elections Put “Newbies” Into Driver’s Seat…

21 Mar

The Sedona Elections are over and May will bring a new look to the Sedona City Council.

Gone will be the people who have lived most of their adult lives in Sedona, those who have given us the Sedona we have today.  How will things change?

Will the new Council try to stop the lighting of SR89A?

Will the new Council choose to accept responsibility of SR89A for all of us and at what expense?

Will the NSA make Sedona a better community?

Will the NSA improve business in Sedona for everyone?

Will tourist traffic increase enough to make widening of roads necessary?

Will Sedona need to build more parking lots for additional tourists?

A Letter-to-the Editor from a Mr. Williamson suggests a “modest property tax” be implemented in order to fund the vision of the “newbies”…    

SedonaFacts will be interviewing Sedonans to see what the feeling is towards owning SR89A and the possibility of having a property tax.

Let us know how you feel.



Sedona’s Airport: “America’s Most Scenic Airport”

7 Feb


Sedona has an airport located on a flattened mesa.  It has no control tower.  It does have rules.  It’s code is KSEZ.  Flagstaff’s airport code is FLG, Phoenix’ is PHX…

Terminal Hours of Operation are:  Oct. – Mar: 7:00AM – 5:30PM and Apr. – Sep: 6:00AM – 6:00PM

The Sedona Airport is “family”.   Without a control tower, the pilots exchange courtesies with and to each other, and voluntarily choose to reduce power over residential areas on take-offs, in order to reduce noise…

…however, there are those pilots who take-off full throttle across our neighborhoods.

We are happy to give you Sedona Airport’s website information.  Click here.

The picture below comes to us from National Geographic.  It shows the 5 mile radius of the airport.  Within this area, residents will hear airport “noise” and if purchasing property within the Sedona area, the “noise” or the possibility of “noise” should be disclosed to you.

The Sedona Airport:

SedonaFacts is proud to bring you this historical information provided by

From the RedRockReview comes additional information:

Certain airport noise affects residents. While Sedona is a tourist destination, many residents do find that the helicopters and bi-planes do add to intrusion into their “quiet” rights.  If you intend to purchase property, ask your agent about the effects of airport noise in relation to your prospective purchase.

Here are 2 YouTube videos of landings…


Have a beautiful Sedona day!



Sedonans: Want to Pay For The Liabilities of West Sedona’s SR89A?

1 Feb

ADOT just sent Mayor Rob Adams a letter regarding the lighting of West Sedona’s SR89A…

…this one is from Director John S. Halikowski.

Links to articles referred to by ADOT’s Director:  Sedona.bizSedonaTimes (note Sedona Times did not use the logo).

Link to related SR 89A article:  Red Rock News,

The question for Sedonans is whether or not they want to own SR89A.

Do we want to become the sole party responsible for the maintenance of a road?

…the sole party responsible for defending against lawsuits due to accidents?

…the entity with sole responsibility to pay for medians, barriers, and lighting?

Sedona does own part of SR89A in Uptown, an agreement that came about during the Uptown Enhancement Project.  Do Sedonans want more maintenance and liability of SR89A?  We understand that the City is already working on cost projections should ADOT become tired of defending their position to use continuous lighting along West Sedona’s SR89A and decides to move on to door number 2.

We hear the “no continuous lighting” people also telling us we have no money…  How will they pay for medians, barriers, etc.?  Maybe it’s time for the public to ask how the naysayers expect to pay for their alternatives to the continuous lighting offered by ADOT at little cost to Sedona.  This letter makes it definitive that we are at the crossroads.

“…you, too, can own a highway…”  

Have a beautiful Sedona day!


City of Sedona Finances Compared to Other AZ Cities…

26 Jan
Sedona Budget Graph

Sedona Budget Graph


Are We a Democracy? Or, a Republic?

23 Jan

We continue to hear the chants, “listen to the people”…”listen to the people”… We are a democracy!!

Are we?  “…and the Republic, for which it stands…”

Click on the picture to view the video…

Sometimes we need to be reminded…

3 branches of government… The Executive, The Judiciary, and the Legislative.

Think checks and balance.


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Sedona City Councilors Found Innocent of Candidate Litrell’s Accusations…

21 Jan

Accusation filed by Candidate Barbara Litrell on September 15, 2008, while President of Keep Sedona Beautiful against members of the Sedona City Council. 

Barbara Litrell's Letter to AZ AG's Office

Mrs. Litrell’s Complaint form as referenced in the above letter…

B Litrell's Complaint letter to AZ AG

B Litrell's Complaint Letter to AZ AG

B Litrell's Complaint to AZ AG's Office

B Litrell complaint to AZ AG

B Litrell complaint to AZ AG

Those who were the brunt of Mrs. Litrell’s complaint stated they knew nothing, had been asked nothing, and were surprised when the Sedona City Attorney spoke with each of them after receiving the complaint.  It appears that the complaintant, KSB’s Mrs. Litrell did nothing to ascertain her facts prior to filing the complaint.

On January 15, 2009, the Sedona City Attorney received a letter from Casey W. Cullings, Assistant Attorney General, vindicating those accused of breaking the Open Meeting Law at a “social setting” (one of the Councilors was not even in attendance as Mrs. Litrell stated), and finding the City of Sedona not in violation of the Open Meening Laws leading up to the Approval of the Continuous Roadway Lighting decision.

How much money was needlesly spent on Mrs. Litrell’s complaint?  Time and money needlessly spent by both the State of Arizona and the City of Sedona.

SedonaFacts will be publishing the full 5 page decision issued by the AG’s office in our next post.

Stay tuned…

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ADOT’s Letter to Sedona City Council…April 12, 2008

19 Jan

Sedona Facts